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The sites

Mo's websites! As of right now, exists for the sole purpose of displaying Mo's "creative endeavours." Sorry if you were expecting more. If you're still interested, the sites are all listed below, and will open in shiny new windows:

Active Sites:
Mofolio - Small collection of Mo's digital works from roughly 2002-present. Last update: 2 March 2017

Mo Draws Sometimes - My sketch and art blog. Not updated as often. Arts and rants abounds.

Modrawz - My art tumblr, where I post stuff I've made as well as reblogs of other artists. Kinda like the blog on this site, but less anti-social.

Old/Inactive sites:

Little Bird - A two-fer project done for two separate Emerson College classes. The comic was done for a Sequential Drawing class and the site was made for a Digital Media Production I class. There's not much here, but it was a nice exercise.

The Tlön Project - A comic strip project inspired by the work by Jorges Luis Borges [World Lit. from 1750 @ WSC - Fall 2004].

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